Sunday, April 15, 2018: What Compels Us to Sing?

I will sing to the LORD, because he has dealt bountifully with me. (Psalm 13:6)

Why do we sing to worship God each week? Because, as the psalmist says, He has dealt bountifully with us. In Christ, God’s greatest provision has met our greatest need in abundance: redemption and everlasting life. It’s like Jesus said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). Abundant life in Jesus? God’s glorious bounty for sinners like us? What Good News!

Because the life we have in Jesus should compel us to sing God’s praises, why wouldn’t we want to make the most of singing together on Sunday morning? To that end, I’ve provided some resources just below to help you engage with the songs we’re planning to sing this weekend at LifePoint’s gatherings. I encourage you to worship along with these resources as Sunday approaches so that you can come ready to worship the God who has dealt bountifully with you. Enjoy!

Set List for Sunday, April 15, 2018:

Glorious Day (S. Curran, J. Ingram, J. Smith, K. Stanfill)

This I Believe (The Creed) (M. Crocker, B. Fielding)

I Want to Know You (M. Farren, J. Proctor, J. Robinson, R. Thompson)

O Praise The Name (B. Hastings, M. Sampson, D. Ussher)

Jesus Lifted High (A. Ivey, M. Dawes)

You can also listen to a playlist of LifePoint’s current song rotation on Spotify.

About Tyler Greene (180 Articles)
Tyler Greene is the Associate Pastor of Worship Ministries for LifePoint Church in Ozark, MO.

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