Sunday, March 04, 2018: Marveling at The Immeasurable

How small a whisper do we hear of him! But the thunder of his power who can understand? (Job 26:14)

In today’s world, people often place the utmost confidence in that which can be quantified and understood through scientific methods. We trust hard data, statistics, and research, all of which can be perfectly helpful as far as they go.

But that’s the thing: when you worship the God of the Bible, you realize that such things can only take you so far. There comes a point where you must stop trying to quantify the world around you and recognize its Creator, whose glory is unquantifiable. Or as Charles Spurgeon once said, “There are no measures which can set forth the immeasurable greatness of Jehovah. If we cannot measure, we can marvel.”

At one point in the Bible, a sufferer reminds his foolish friends that the marvels which display God’s unsearchable greatness are only a small whisper of His power (Job 26:14, quoted above). Think about that for a second: all the wonders of the created world—from the smallest molecule to the towering Himalayan peaks—are merely a whisper of God’s power. The sufferer then poses a rhetorical question: If, in our minds and hearts, we’re blown away by the whisper, who could possibly fathom the thunder?

So as we worship God, we ought to come before Him with a sense of reverence and awe, knowing that  we cannot measure Him; we cannot quantify His ways; we’ll never come close to fully grasping His infinitude with our finite capacity for understanding.

But what we can do is marvel at His unsearchable greatness. We can stop and allow our hearts to be seized with wonder as we behold His glory in the Scriptures and in creation. And what’s more, we can have our minds blown by the Good News that our great God entered the human experience to give His life on a bloody cross so that we might enjoy life with Him.

In the hustle and bustle of your daily life, are you taking time to stop and marvel at that God—the One who cannot be measured? Do you view the world around you as a whisper of divine glory that beckons you to worship?

As Sunday approaches, take some time to pray that you would experience the very same amazement as the psalmist who wrote, “When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?” (Ps. 8:3–4).

Yes, the Creator of the stars cares for little old us. How could we not be in awe of Him?

After all, that’s what we were made to do—to marvel at the immeasurable.

Set List for Sunday, March 04, 2018:

God Undefeatable (M. Carter, A. Ivey, R. King)

How Great Is Your Love (K. Stanfill, P. Wickham, B. Younker)

How Deep The Father’s Love For Us (S. Townend)

Jesus Is Better (A. Ivey, B. Land)

Arms Open Wide (S. Knock)

You can also listen to a playlist of LifePoint’s current song rotation on Spotify.

About Tyler Greene (180 Articles)
Tyler Greene is the Associate Pastor of Worship Ministries for LifePoint Church in Ozark, MO.

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